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Translator or translation agency?

Why are technical translations difficult?
13 October 2021

It always puzzled me why clients decide on translation agencies instead of specialist translators. While agencies are good for general translations, specialized translations, especially technical ones, require knowledge and experience. Clients often send me texts translated by an agency with the request “Agnieszka, please do something about it, it sounds like a Google translator”. Most of these translations are done by students who, in an act of desperation when faced with unfamiliar technical terminology and a lack of knowledge about the operation of machines or tools, reach for the quickest solution – an online translator. Technical language has its own rules. Cutting/schneiden in Polish does not always mean cutting with scissors.

We use different terms depending on whether it is cutting a metal sheet or machining. Price is also an important issue.

So why not choose the quality, experience, and lower price in a package, which offers an independent translator?

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