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Main problems and challenges in the translation process

Technical translation and CAT tools
26 October 2021

As in any field, so in translation, there are several typical problems that need to be confronted. With some, translators have to deal with, with some, clients, and still, others are a problem for the translation itself. What are the main translation challenges that translators, clients, and the industry as a whole have to face? Today, the first of these:

  1. language structure

The structure of sentences in Polish differs from the structure in other languages. On top of that, in many languages, certain terms may be completely missing, which is one of the most common challenges translators face on a daily basis, and one of the main reasons why translation is difficult.

Language is complex, vast, and constantly changing. Languages differ in the way they combine elements: forming words and turning them into sentences. Most important in this aspect for the translator are morphology and syntax, i.e. combining words into larger phrases and sentences. The variety of structures in the world’s languages is a challenge for any translator – a text is made up of words, but you cannot literally translate content from one language to another. Words can take different forms depending on their function in a sentence, and languages use different techniques to combine words into larger units. To understand or compose a sentence in any language, it is not enough to know the meaning of every word. Therefore, machine translation will never replace the unique ability of a translator to interpret the meaning of a text culturally as well.

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