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Fabis Agnieszka

Thursday November 4th, 2021

Main problems and challenges in the translation process

As in any field, so in translation, there are several typical problems that need to be confronted. With some, translators have to deal with, with some, […]
Tuesday October 26th, 2021

Technical translation and CAT tools

Why should you choose a translator who works with CAT tools? Almost all professional translators use CAT tools (computer-assisted translation). This should not be mistaken for […]
Thursday October 14th, 2021

Business Ghosting

The phenomenon of ghosting does not only apply to dating. Ghosting is a term that describes the practice of ending all communication and contact with another […]
Wednesday October 13th, 2021

Why are technical translations difficult?

One of the biggest challenges in technical translations is trying to make instructions and professional texts as easy to understand in the target language as they […]